Bria's Edgy Pixie Haircut - VOD Digital Video on Demand

Blond Bria currently has hair down her hair shoulders, but that length won't last too long after she takes a seat in the barberchair. But first, Bria gives a before-the-haircut interview, where she talks about her hair and plays with it one last time before the haircut. Bria is dressed very fashionably in knee-high boots, nylons, black dress and a long sweater. She'll look even more amazing in her outfit once her hair has been modernized. Once Bria sits in the hair, a neck strip is wrapped around her neck, and she is covered with two salon capes, one of which is removed after the shampoo. Bria's hair is briefly towel dried, then combed through, and cut with a scissors. For parts of the edgy pixie haircut, a haircutting razor is used. A small portable clippers cleans up the nape, and Bria's nape is swept off with a duster. After the haircut, Bria talks about her hair experience and shows of her awesome new hairstyle for the camera. Duration approx 67 minutes, screen size 640x480, format .wmv
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