CIS 292 Week 1 Individual Operating Systems Comparison Exercise

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CIS 292 Week 1 Individual: Operating Systems Comparison Exercise
Create a 2- to 3-page comparison chart or paper that lists and compares the features and functions of the four types of operating systems discussed this week (Windows®, Mac®, Mobile/iOS®/Android™, and Linux®). Use your in-class studies this week as well as online research.
You may use Microsoft® Visio®, Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® PowerPoint® or another diagramming software to complete a chart or table.
Address the following, at a minimum, for all four operating system types:

  • Platforms/hardware on which the operating system is compatible

  • File management

  • Purchasing model (closed vs open source)

  • Supportability and support options for end-users

  • Possible business/enterprise uses

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines. If you choose to create a comparison chart, make sure to format any citations and references according to APA guidelines.
Submit your chart to the Assignment Files tab.
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