Seconds To ZERO

David was running down the streets in search of his friend, He was tensed ‘cause He knew He was late on his schedule, He ran as fast as He could but then suddenly, He was dragged by something and the next moment a beam of light flashed and everything from his sight disappeared. Later He woke up in someone’s bedroom and as He woke up He realized He was in his own bedroom but back in time, He is back in his childhood, back in time when He was in 4th grade! As he begins to search for his answers to some unknown question about his life, He begins a journey in time that changes his destiny, journey that rewrites his destiny. Battling and racing against time, searching for answers, finding the things that were lost, events that were forgotten and peoples who were forgiven. Will He get back to his own time? Will He find his answers? And will He make it before its ‘SECONDS TO ZERO!’
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