"The Relational Heart of Religion" Live IT Discipleship Series Episode 1 [MassImpact.us]

With great humor and conviction, Fr. Jeremy Miller challenges us to consider God's great invitation to intimacy with Himself, the relational heart of religion. People have been raving about it. Every pastor and parishioner should hear it. It could be a game-changer. For just $1.50, you'll get way more than a cup of coffee, you'll be helping us keep this movement in motion. This is a great step to Living IT. Be a difference maker: Listen. Be Disciplined. Spread the Word. Join a growing multitude engaging in the GREAT ADVENTURE at http://MassImpact.us. A NEW Live IT Gathering Guide and Live IT video EVERY WEEK based upon subsequent Sunday readings. Tune in TUESDAYS at 8pm for our IGNITE Radio LIVE! program. http://massimpactohio.blogspot.com/p/ignite-radio-live-tuesdays-7pm.html If you've been blessed, please join us in blessing. We are an all-in, mission-driven, fully accountable, non-profit organization 100% dependent upon your generous support. Thank you!. DONATE HERE: https://t.co/eZjaa6cAHw "O most Holy Spirit, come and ignite the great Fire of your Love, set it ablaze in our minds and hearts."