Transform to Freedom Book 2, What they Don`t Want You to Know.

Dr. Eugene Mallove was arguably the world`s leading figure in free energy. He had developed a device that would start spinning simply by the energy emitted when someone was looking at it. He, Richard Hoagland, and David Wilcock, were going to present this motor - that would render the entire energy industry redundant, in a generation - to Washing D.C. Dr. Eugene Mallove was bludgeoned to death outside his parents` house the night before they were to present this device to Washington, on May 14th, 2004.  
Dodi Fayed's apartment was in a direct line from the Ritz Hotel. But, no! The car slammed into pillar "number 13," in the Pont de L'Alma Tunnel, 45º in another direction; a sacred Babylonian Brotherhood site for the Goddess Diana, a few hundred meters from where Marie Antoinette was murdered by order of "her" husband. Was Diana`s death "really" an accident?
Royal Raymond Rife, was curing cancer at a success rate of 86%, in trials at the University of Southern California, in 1934, as a result of his incredible microscope - the only microscope in existence, to this day, that can film live viruses. But, the microscope had another profoundly essential feature. Rife was professionally assassinated; he had his laboratory burnt to the ground; and his research stolen.    These are only three more outrageous deceptions, cover-ups - or deliberately fabricated misinformation - to have survived our re-written history. The Transform to Freedom book series exposes a myriad of them while providing some hard-to-deny supporting evidence. `Without attempting to press his beliefs upon us, but while urging us to explore the evidence ourselves, Sabino presents a variety of anecdotes to support the assertions that the Earth has been enslaved…." Pacific Book Review.

This e-book is 127, B5 sized pages, and 40,377 words in length.
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Transform to Freedom Book 2, What they Don`t Want You to Know.
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