264 : Miss Iris & Miss Lelyte stuck in the mud

Miss Iris and Miss Lelyte are going to the countryside. Miss Iris is wearing a black coat, black skirt and black boots, while Miss Lelyte is wearing a black coat and black boots.

They came here with the old Renault 5 to collect water samples for a research. After collecting the water sample, they try to head back to the main road, but they can't make a U turn, so they can only go straight forward and hope to find a bigger spot.

While they are proceeding to this road, the soil is becoming more and more muddy, and Miss Iris is slowly struggling to get grip on the tires! But she makes a mistake: she stops because the road in front of them looks impossible to handle, so she wants to go back! But she gets stuck!

They try in every possible way to get unstuck, but the more they try, the worse it gets... They also remove their boots, maybe it will help them! But no, nothing changes.

They also try to push the car while the other is driving and revving the engine, but they just make a gigantic mess!
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