For this module's course project assignment

For this module's course project assignment

For this module's course project assignment, write an annotated bibliography with at least five reliable sources that will help you explore, complicate, qualify, and argue about your topic. Use the Online Library to locate your research sources. Remember that effective research is comprised of a variety of sources (books, articles, websites, interviews, etc.) Try for a mix of Web sites, databases (from the Rasmussen Online Library), E-books, books, magazines, journals, etc.

Once you have located your five sources, list them in a Bibliography in correct APA documentation format. Use proper APA citations.

Finally, annotate your bibliography. That means that you should add a brief paragraph underneath each source that states what information the source gives and how it could be used in your paper. Be sure to check your work for proper spelling, grammar, and mechanics.

All written assignments in this course must:

Be typed in Microsoft Word.
Be double-spaced, with one space after punctuation between sentences
Contain no breaks between sections or paragraphs
Have 1” margins on all sides
Be in 12 pt. Times New Roman font
Include a page header (shortened title) in the upper left-hand of every page and a page number in the upper right-hand side of every page
Include an APA-style cover-page
Have the title again, centered at the top of page two
Identify all sources within the paper by using parenthetical in-text citations
Include an APA-style references page that matches the parenthetical in-text citations

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