[Ek] Corruption_Hole_Full-1&-2_ByNosbor00(250)

  • Recommended Level: 250+ 

  • Vocation: Elite Knight 

  • Is a Power Gaming and script Moneymaker, with great exp/Hour and Great Profit depending on respawn.

  • Depositer and Refiller

  • Utura Macro

  • Exevo Mas San when 2+ Monsters around

  • Haste on Spawn(GoRefiller and GoHunt)

  • *Customize in Variaveis

  • Sell Looter Intens (Zao)

  • Customize in Variables

  • *Refiller Soft (Check in Variables)

  • **Use Teleport or Not and more!

  • *** Activave Skining in Looter

  • Never gets stuck

  • And more not listed here…

  • Easy to customize with variables

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