CS:GO Exclusive multi-hack - 1 month

Website: SikHaks.com 
CS:GO Exclusive Multi-Hack 1 month 
Please see website "SikHaks.com" for remaining slots available.
This is your chance to own a very versatile and secure Counter Strike: Global Offensive hacks. I have been using these as my own private hacks for over a year and have never received a ban (untrusted or VAC). 
These hacks boast: 
  • ESP
  • Aim Bot 
  • Aim Assist
  • Trigger Bot
  • No Recoil
  • No Flash
  • Bunny Hops
  • Radar
  • Glow

These hacks can be customized to your liking varying from rage to very subtle, in fact you may not even realize you have hacks installed. These offer 20+ VAC avoidance techniques and unique method of updating to prevent VAC detection, which is how it differs from the normal Multi-Hack. These hacks have been undetectable from:
  • VAC
  • SMAC
  • ESL Wire 
  • CEVO Paladin 

This hack it uses colour gradient glow to determine the health of the enemy: white meaning friendly or an item, green being a hostile with full health, yellow medium health and red low health. 

Aim Bot
The aim bot allows you change the yaw and pitch fov and smooth to determine how quickly your cross hair will be locked on to the selected bone. You are able to set 2 bones in settings and toggle which one in game.

Aim Assist
The aim bot allows you change the yaw and pitch fov and smooth to determine how quickly your cross hair will be moved to the selected bone. You are able to set 2 bones in settings and toggle which one in game.

Trigger Bot
When your cross hair goes over an enemy your gun will fire, this is perfect for holding corners or awp flick shots. This feature can be used on toggle or on a button hold or both. A delay can be set in settings to make it appear even more legit. 

No Recoil
The RCS (recoil control system) which my private collection uses is world class, varying the way the recoil is controlled each time to make it look legit, this can be toggled on and off in game. No only this but the RCS works for every gun, including the negev! 

No Flash
Toggle on and off in game wether a flash will effect you, not only this but you can change how much the flash will impact you in settings. 

Bunny Hops
Bhop with 100% perfection or 5% perfection you decide! 

Radar, see where the enemy is on your minimap even when you can't see them!

See enemies, friendlies, items and entities through the walls! 

Q: How do I know this is legit?
A: This hack is sold through: Sellfy.com and PayPal. If this was not legit you would apply to paypal as a scam where you would receive your money back + I would receive a financial penalty + possible criminal charges. That is how you know this is legit. 

Q: How do the hacks work?
A: This is really quiet simple, you download the .zip, you extract it onto a usb (external drive), then open the .exe. Then have fun hacking! 

Q: Why are you selling the hacks for so cheap?
A: These hacks will usually be sold for $20 a month, which is competitive with the rest of the CS:GO hacks currently on the market. However since I am just starting out selling these hacks I am selling them for ridiculously cheap to get people talking about my hacks! 

Q: How can I support the community?
A: To support this community you can apply to become a seller (contact me through sellfy, yes you do get paid), or you can create promotional videos and share you amazing CS:GO play with my private collection. 

Q: How long have these hacks been undetected?
A: These hacks have been undetected since August 2014. 

Q: Can I pay with skins?
A: Usually no, however you can sell your skins on OPSKINS for paypal money. If this is not an option you can message me with your steam profile link + what you are willing trade it must be at least a 30% over payment. 

Note: the footage from the video was taken while I was in a LAN tournament. 

Tutorial on installation can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yc24k1FkUHs&list=PLfAYer0VSBZZ68zWLTNARCJFHjbiAmBXb&index=2

Tutorial on settings can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LqR7QSQXm5E&list=PLfAYer0VSBZZ68zWLTNARCJFHjbiAmBXb&index=1

Of course hacking is never 100% safe so do this at your own risk!
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