Linde Order Picker Type 132: N20L, N20LI Operating Instructions (User Manual)

Original Illustrated Factory Operating Instructions (User Manual) for Linde Order Picker Type 132.

Original factory manuals for Linde Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck

Covered models:

Format: PDF, 152 Pages
Language: English


1. Introduction
   Your truck 
   Impermissible use 
   Description of use and climatic conditions
   Specific use of equipment
   Symbols used 
   Legal requirements for placing on the market 
   Order picker N20L-Li, Type 132 
2. Safety
   Residual risks 
   Safety regulations 
   Handling consumables
   Periodic general checks on trucks
3. General views
   Identification label 
   General view N20L - N20LI type 132
   Controls N20L - N20LI 
   Multi-function display 
   Multifunction display settings 
   Biometry option 
4. Operation
   Checks before first use
   Daily checks before use 
   Instructionsfor use N20L-Li 
   Emergency stop button 
   Identification of the direction of travel 
   Forward travel / reverse travel 
   Changing the drive direction
   Safety when cornering: speed limitation 
   Safety when reversing; speed limitation 
   Driving in ride-on mode 
   Pedestrian controlled mode 
   Use of the truck on a slope 
   Braking system, horn 
   Cold Store Use (optional) 
   Use of the mast 
   Load handling 
   Handling two superposed palettes 
   Hoisting, towing
5. Maintenance
   Summary of checks andmaintenance jobs
   Calendar of testing and maintenance operations 
   Service plan as required 
   Technical inspection and maintenance characteristics 
   Recommended lubricants 
   Daily checks before starting work 
   Checking the direction of travel controls 
   Checking the brakes 
   Testing the lifting/lowering controls for high lifts (N20Li) 
   Testing low lift lifting/lowering controls(N20Li) 
   Testing the electricsteering 
   Testing the safety devices 
   Checking the battery charge status 
   Opening the batterycover 
   Plugging in / unplugging the battery connector
   Checking the condition of cables, terminals and battery connector 
   Battery charging with an external charger 
   Maintenance plan as required
   Cleaning the battery and its compartment 
   Lifting system, lubricating the collars and links (version with grease nipples) N20Li . . 
   Seat:checking the condition 
   Handle bar: checking the condition 
   Side access battery; selection ofbattery compartment opening side 
   Side access battery; unlocking/locking the battery 
   Battery which is removed from the side; changing using a trolley 
   Battery removed from the side; changing using a trolley 
   Inspection and maintenance overview 
   Traction motor 
   Traction motor, cleaning cooling fins 
   Transmission: checkingthe oil level in the reducer 
   Transmission: draining the reducer
   Steering / braking / wheels 
   Inspecting the condition and tightening of the wheels 
   Steering, testing the motoreducer pinion / turntable 
   Fixed stabiliser, stabiliser wheel height adjustment 
   Electromagnetic brake:adjustingtheairgap 
   Electromagnetic brake, checkingthe booster circuit for leaks
   Electrical equipment 
   Manipulating the electricalplate 
   Electrical equipment: cleaning the electrical panel and checking the connections 
   Electrical equipment, checking the control modules LAC, LES and their connections
   Testing and cleaningthefan 
   Electrical equipment, checking the condition and mounting of cables and electrical connections 
   Servicing the battery 
   Working platform, checking tightness 
   Hydraulic circuits 
   Primary hydraulic circuit 
   Testing and possible replacement of the pump motor brushes 
   Primary hydraulic circuit 
   Lift mast
   Lifting system 
   Lifting system, lubricating the collars and links (version with grease nipples) N20Li 
   Lifting system (N20Li) 
6. Datasheet
   Datasheet N20L-N20 Li type132 

7. Diagrams
   Without Initial Lift
   With Initial Lift 
   Power circuit diagram
   Wiring diagram for controls N20L
   Wiring diagram for controls, N20LI (LAC) .
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