Aliens Want to Harvest You

Alien Landing- Do NOT get on the Spaceships. They are Coming for The Harvest

CELL PHONES WILL ZOMBIFY PEOPLE TO GO ON THE SHIPS We believe that the main way that the aliens will coerce people to go aboard the ships will be through cell phones, especially smartphones and also smart TVs. They will put out frequencies which affect the brain. It is almost guaranteed that instructions of where to go ‘in the case of an emergency’ will be given through cell phones. This is why the government has been so eager to give cell phones to starving people in Africa, and homeless people in America. Please get rid of all smartphones and smart TVs now.We got this realization from various sources including reports that chemtrails have been used to infect people with certain metals and nanotechnology, with the goal that at some time in the future, a signal will go out from the cell towers, to make the nanotechnology take over people’s brains.Please read: Chemtrails, Wireless, and YouThis article talks about how ears are “forbidden gates” that allow access to control the brain.From the above link:“With the acknowledged identification, documentation and cataloging of “brain-printing” via wireless devices… the premise of Stephen King’s 2006 novel, Cell, evokes a frighteningly possible scenario:“Mobile phones deliver the apocalypse to millions of unsuspecting humans by wiping their brains of any humanity, leaving only aggressive and destructive impulses behind.…What if cell phones did something much worse (than cancer)? What if they turned the user into a zombie…?”
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