Flatland's Hair Design in Salon

Flatland is an artist. She designs hair patterns and then has those works of art cut into her hair. We were honored when she came all the way from Washington to allow us to film her next unique design. At a salon, Flatland hands the stylist her hair design sketch and also describes how she wants her hair done. Jared throws a black cape around her and snaps it tight. Armed with an electric clippers and comb, the stylist works on re-creating Flatland's design, first starting with the V on top, before working delicately on the sun burst and yin symbol on the side. This upscale salon is a busy, popular one, so voices, hair dryers, and some music (at times) in the background can be heard. After the design has been completed, it's time for a shampoo and conditioning treatment. Flatland likes her new look, but says, "I can't wait to be bald again!" Duration: approx 49 minutes, screen size: 720 x 48, format: .wmv
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