What Training in Cultural Competencies is required for Social Workers Working with Asylum Seekers?

Introduction  The research question portrays the key terms that can also be elucidated as the main variables of the research. The question focuses on ascertaining the fate of interactions between social workers and asylum seekers. Therefore, it is a double-edged approach that would seek to evaluate the perceptions of both the asylum seekers and the social workers as the two main groups that relate. Therefore, an appropriate methodology is necessary for data collection, data analysis, and to offer the most appropriate findings, conclusions, and recommendations regarding the research question. The methodology has been tested and used in most of the social science studies carried out in the past. Therefore, it implies that the methodology is cuts across boards and its application in research is unilateral. Only the sample, research question, and the setting can change but the research methodology remains the same within either qualitative or quantitative precincts. 
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