Next Level Motivation - Principles for Living Life to the Fullest

Far too many people are wandering through life without a plan and Next Level Motivation gives Principles for livng life to the fullest!. Although individuals have some of the purest intentions, they lack the required mindset and action steps to capitalize upon their great potential. Are you one of these people? If so, I’m here to help you discover or rediscover your passions and climb new heights you once thought were unreachable. What is stopping you? Who is standing in the way? As you journey through this motivational manual, you will learn and apply tested and proven principles. So strap in for the ride, because you’re about to enter the next level of your life.  – Donovin Darius

*Bonus -At the end of each chapter you will enjoy the multiple in-depth discussion and reflective questions which allows you to go deeper and gain greater personal revelations.  

“This is it, a road map through the pages of this inspirational book to help you get to the Next Level.  A great Life Coach is passionate about helping individuals achieve  their  goals and reach their full potential and this is  Donovin Darius. He has the gift to unlock the power within you to allow you to embrace your future and leave a legacy worth dying for  and it’s going to be done with Next Level Motivation!”  World's #1 Motivational Speaker - Les Brown
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