Level Up

Too cool for school! This is a warm and refreshing, yet invigorating piece of 8-bit-like wonderfulness. Lots of modern blipping and bleeping once it gets going. I imagine this piece can be used in a lot of computer games about computer games. There's also a bunch of overdrive on "Level Up". Loops perfectly for all you video game devs out there!
It includes the main track as well as several individual parts so you can make your own mixes.
114 bpm Level Up - Bass.wav
114 bpm Level Up - Bleeps.wav
114 bpm Level Up - Full Mix.wav
114 bpm Level Up - Jumper.wav
114 bpm Level Up - Melody.wav
114 bpm Level Up - Percussion.wav
150 bpm Level Up - Bass.wav
150 bpm Level Up - Bleeps.wav
150 bpm Level Up - Full Mix.wav
150 bpm Level Up - Jumper.wav
150 bpm Level Up - Melody.wav
150 bpm Level Up - Percussion.wav
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