ITEM DESCRIPTION NiCd Battery Repair Instructions Fix NiCad Battery Dont throw your dead NiCd batteries into trash; get new life from a dead NiCad rechargeable battery by our easy to follow instructions. You can revive Renata NiCd battery or ANY other NiCd Batteries (ANY BRANDS ANY VOLTS) using our NiCd battery repair instruction guide. No need to buy any special tool to repair the battery. When a NiCad rechargeable battery ages the chemistry changes inside the NiCd battery and therefore it is impossible to hold charge. The battery resurrection guide from us will show you step by step how to get new life from your dead Renata NiCd battery. Most of us believe that there is no process that can turn a used or dead NiCad battery into a new one, but there is one proven way to get more life from your dead rechargeable NiCad batteries and we will show you that easy to follow process. You can repair (any brand or volt) Nickel Cadmium battery with this easy battery fix guide. (i.e 1.2 volt, 2.4 volt, 3.6 volt, 4.8 volt, 6 volt, 7.2 volt, 8.4 volt, 9.6 volt, 10.8 volt, 12 volt, 13.2 volt, 14.4 volt, 15.6 volt, 16.8 volt, 18 volt, 19.2 volt, 20.4 volt, 21.6 volt, 22.8 volt, 24 volt, and even 36volts) NiCad Battery Repair can be done in 5 minutes and you dont have to open the battery pack. This guide will save you a lot of money now and in the future, whenever you have a nicd battery that is: Dead and does not hold the full charge Weak even after a full charge NiCd battery works ok for a minute or so and need to be charge again. If your charger light comes on and says to replace your battery If its been stored for 2, 5, or even 10 years and won t charge, or has no power Use our battery Repair guide to. * Give a new life to your dead NiCd batteries. * Get full power from your dead Renata NiCd batteries. * Your NiCd batteries will take a full charge and hold it longer. * Your Renata NiCd batteries will run like new again. Dont waste your time & money, buy this battery resurrection guide and revive all NiCad batteries in minutes. BONUS:1    Repair Instructions for Lead Acid Batteries, These instructions will show you how to renew your car, lawnmower, motorcycle, boat, tractor or any other lead acid battery.    This is the answer   you have been looking for!  This package has the potential of saving you HUNDREDS of dollars BONUS:2   Simple circuit you can build to "Fix All" of your NiCAD Batteries I will throw in a very simple circuit that you can build.  It comes complete with a parts list and instructions.  This would be for the more electrically experienced persons.  I do not offer any support for this item. BONUS 3 : Get a FREE Xbox 360 Elite   I will send you instructions on how you too can get your very own Xbox 360 Elite for nothing!  Follow these simple instructions and I guarantee that you will get your Xbox 360 Elite.YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE AND ONLY TO GAIN! Super fast shipping & handling. Item will be sent to confirmed PayPal e-mail instantly after your Payment WE GUARANTEE IT OR YOUR MONEY BACK!!!
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