A hilarious play that follows a Monty Python inspired duo who attempt to escape the perrils of execution. 


(In order of appearance)


Executioner*: A jolly happy guy.

Ensemble of Commoners*: the average folk of the places we visit

Osbert: a great listener, and often lost in his own thought, though he never speaks it.

Gaufridus: a great talker, always lost in his thought, always speaking it.

Ioco the Beggar: a poor man who has seen all that life has to offer.

Milo Aldelard: an angry radical. Willing to do anything for power

King Theobeneger: the classic kingly figure, but weak willed.

Squire*: assistant to his majesty (whomever ‘his majesty’ is at the moment)

Ensemble of Rebels*: like the ensemble of Commoners, but rebels.


Setting: England

Time: 13th century
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