Monica Richards - The Strange Familiar e.p.

Monica Richards' 5 song e.p., 'The Strange Familiar', featuring 4 new songs plus a dance-remix of her most beloved song from InfraWarrior CD, "A Good Thing".
  1. Armistice
  2. The Mighty
  3. The Strange Familiar
  4. A Good Thing (Remix)
  5. Oreiades

Songs 1 -3 Written, Composed and Recorded by Monica Richards/Los Angeles, CAWith the following Guests:Armistice -  Steve Niles: Bass/Steven James: Guitars,The Mighty & The Strange Familiar - Marzia Rangel: CellosCo-produced, Mixed and Mastered by Chad [email protected] The Eyesocket, BostonAll Music & Lyrics by Monica Richards© & p Elyrian Music/BMI - 2011 Except: Oreiades - Improvised piece with Paul Mercer on Violin recorded in the caves of Castle Cottenau in Upper Franconia This will be released under the title "Kobolten: Subterrane"
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