Praise Break Cool Down in Ab

Praise Break Cool Down in Ab

If you enjoyed the 3 Praise Break Bumps taught by Isaiah Bell, you will love this cool down! In this lesson you will learn how to use this progression to build into a shout/praise break and how to use it as your praise break cool down. 

  • If you play for COGIC, Baptist, Apostolic, Holiness or any service that likes to get their PRAISE on... this lesson is for you! 

  • Please note: We are not here to increase our bottom line, we are here to increase your IMPACT & Passion for Christ through music.

  • For a limited time, this is a "Buy One Get One Free" deal. 3 Praise Break Bumps will be sent to you personally from the Owner, Bertshalyn with a personal message of appreciate and encouragement on your musical journey.

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