WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels 1.1.4 Extension

WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels 1.1.4 Extension

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WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels Extension Version : 1.1.4

The Advanced Product Labels Extension for WooCommerce lets you create labels for multiple products or single products easily.

WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels: Why You Need It

WooCommerce already comes with several ‘labels’ such as ‘on sale.’ However, there are times when you want more versatile product labels.

WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels is the answer! You can add global, single or ‘smart’ product labels. Smart labels dynamically use variables to populate parts of your label (such as the exact % a product has been discounted).

WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels lets you add labels to your WooCommerce store products based on any of the following conditions:

Product category
Product type
In sale
Age of product
Sale price
Stock status
Stock quantity
Shipping class
Total sales
Featured product

WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels: Global Labels

Add labels to multiple products at once using ‘global labels.’ Select from different label types, define customized label text, label alignment and a label style. Use WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels’ comprehensive condition settings to target a specific group of products.

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