BSHS325 Human System and Development

Nancy- My general expectations are for all team members to be proactive with one another.  If you don’t understand something, instead of just not completing your assignment, ask  for help. Time management is the key to be successful. If we all do our parts on time and share our work with enough time we can receive some feedbacks and suggestions from other team members and the final product will be one that all would be proud of.


Jason - Active participation on each assignment and submitting assignments in a timely manner would be the main expectations of team members. It is also important that team members effectively communicate their ideas, absences, and struggles. If a team member is inactive for four days or more, the team will reach out via e-mail, instructor, and/or phone to ensure everything is alright, and that they are still able to complete the assignment. Each person is expected to do their part and pull their own weight. All members are expected to equally contribute, and to keep the rest of the team members updated about individual portions regarding team assignments. Individual portions are expected to follow APA style and format (including references).
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