Montessori Golden Beads and Materials Printable

Montessori Golden Beads Package

A complete set of Montessori golden Beads includes the following.

If you plan to do the 45 Layout presentation (rows of each place value
units – thousands) you will need.

45 Thousand cubes, 45 Hundred Squares, 45 Ten Bars, 45 Unit Beads

Golden Beads are used to work Addition, Subtraction,

Multiplication and Division Equations.

This package includes all of the required materials to

complete Golden Bead Lessons


Set of Printable Golden Beads

Golden Bead Place Value Mat

Small & Large Number Cards

Number Building Practice Cards

Complete Set of Equations

Static (no carrying and borrowing)

Dynamic (carrying and borrowing)

Addition, Subtraction,

Multiplication, and Division

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