PUBG Stream package

Hey! tired of PUBG packs looking the same? then you found the right one, minimalistic design won't overstress your viewers with visual information and unique look will definitely turn heads on your stream while you're getting that chicken dinner.
  This pack includes:  4 Status screens.   

  • Intermission - perfect for when you're looking for a game. 

  • Starting soon - includes "Squad" info - let your viewers know who you're playing with.

  • Clean Offline and Break screens. 

  6 Twitch panels

  • About

  • Twitter 

  • Youtube 

  • Donate 

  • Subscribe

  • PC Specs

Webcam frame Also, it includes easy to edit PSD's, so you can edit it yourself at any time or you can just message me and I'll edit it for you!
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