Tales of MU 1-1

This book collects the first storyline (22 chapters plus bonus author commentary) of TALES OF MU, an online web serial set in an alternate world where magic rules in place of technology. Mackenzie Blaise is an incoming freshman at Magisterius University, a school that's both out of this world and yet strangely familiar to anybody who's ever been to college. Mackenzie is not your typical "destined to save the world with awesome powers"-type wizarding school student. Cripplingly shy, geeky, and used to being ostracized for not being human enough, Mackenzie struggles to find her place in a dorm full of non-human "freaks" and "monsters"... some of whom find her too human for their tastes. Fans of fantasy gaming and literature will find plenty to chuckle about along the way. Note: Tales of MU is intended for mature readers only. Included formats: EPUB, MOBI, HTML, and PDF. MOBI is compatible with Amazon Kindle brand e-readers and apps. EPUB is compatible with most other e-book devices. HTML can be read in any browser and PDF can be read in most browsers and devices. All formats are included for the same low price!
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