Betsy Moes Asymmetrical Bob Haircut - VOD Digital Video on Demand

Blond Betsy Moe takes a chair in the studio and talks about her upcoming haircut, an asymmetrical bob, and about her hair experiences. She plays with her hair one last time before the haircut, fluffing it out and combing it out with her fingers. After Betsy Moe plays with a hair with a giant red comb and giant red scissors, it's time to take a seat in the vintage Padmair barber chair, where Betsy Moe is covered in a purple zebra patterned cape and has a neck strip wrapped around her neck. Her hair is brushed out and put into a ponytail. It is secured by four blue zipties. You can watch how nervous Betsy Moe becomes once the stylist, James William, picks up the pink Oster clippers. But she gives a big smile to the camera. Once the ponytail is in Betsy Moe's hand, she feels the back of her head. What a change already! The lid to the white shampoo bowl is lifted up and Betsy Moe reclined back in the barber chair. She receives a nice shampoo and rinse. After the clippers are set down, the hair is then shaped using a scissors and a comb. Betsy Moe continues to remark how nervous she was for her new haircut. Of course, with any drastic change, anyone would be nervous. Near the end of the haircut, the stylist uses a portable hair clippers on Betsy Moe's nape. A pink duster dusts away the shorn hairs. A small amount of pomade is tussled through her hair before it's brushed back into a sexy bob. The hair blow dryer dries the hair into place. When the stylist is finished, Betsy Moe poses for the camera and gives an after-the-haircut interview. Be sure to watch after the credits as there's a extra footage of Betsy Moe in the red bar stool. Duration approx 58 minutes, 720x480, format .wmv
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