SOC203 W2A1

The social problem I have selected for my final paper is drug abuse. The abuse of prescriptions and street drugs is a global social problem. This is seen by answering the four questions in Section 1.1 of the textbook about how to recognize a social problem. Drug use has become a social pattern many people face. The existence of rehabilitation clinics demonstrate that society has identified the habitual use of drugs as a violation of our core values. The issue of drug use does affect those in power because those that have drug problems are often left in the position of homelessness because they have put all of their resources into finding their next fix and doing whatever it takes to do so, often resorting to crime. This puts those in power in a position where they need to protect those members of society who are not under the influence from those who are, or they risk losing their power. The issue of drug use is socially created. It starts like most issues, with peer pressure or escapism. Once you do it, you often cannot stop; you like how it makes it you feel. If the substance you started with doesn’t do it for you anymore,
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