Pack of Flames (Softube's Heartbeat Drum Instrument)

due to technical issues with my sellfy site, I have had to move to gumroad. Please accept my apologies and I hope to do business with you there!:

32 kits for Softube's Heartbeat drum instrument. these are NOT your "bread and butter" type kits. They are a tad crispy and there has been more than a small amount of compressor abuse involved. perhap a deserved nod to Mick Harris/Scorn here ;)

Check out the videos AND the free "Bank o' Phun" ("flames" has completely different content... but is built around the same disregard for rules and conformity!)

Not for everyone, but you will know who you are ;]

thru March 29, 2019, use coupon 'NapalmBreath' at checkout to get 40% discount!