The Live Layer's drum kit is designed for the Akai MPC Software controllers.
The sounds are designed to work with the MPCs pad cycle playback feature.
Each pad is set up to cycle through different drum sounds everytime you hit the MPC pads.

Having multiple versions of these drum sounds changing every time you hit a pad (and the sound design techniques we use make each sound pop) create a realistic sounding drumming experience.

• This kit is heavily influenced by 90s Hip Hop but can be used in all genres.
• 390+ Drum Sounds.
• Designed to bring your finger drumming to life.
• Created by world renowned sound designer SoundsForSamplers.
• All drum sounds cycle to give your drum patterns amazing realness.
• Works with any MPC Software controller.
(MPC Touch, MPC Renaissance MPC Studio, MPC X ,MPC Live)

  You get:  

• 132 Kicks
• 143 Snares
• 125 Hihats
• 10 Crashes
• 4 Tombs

All 8 MPC Pad Banks (A- H) are filled with multiple layers on the pads.

The kit is the perfect marriage of Boom Bap and Real acoustic sounding drums.

With so many drum sounds to choose from this kit is sure to inspire hundreds of new beat ideas.
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