"Apple Bottom" PSD Base

"Apple Bottom" PSD Base

For best results, duplicate the "INK" (Body) layer and place it over the colored Clothing layers.

You must know how to work layers - You may have to modify the lines to achieve the best outcome. :)

For the "text" layers, they are made to work with the "SIMPLE" clothing option (As seen in the preview).


Majority of layers are precolored! All except the tails. (Body, tails, hair, clothing come with precolored, clearly labeled layers!)

If you have ANY questions , do not hesitate to contact me :)

You are allowed to..
* Use the base for profit, accepting commission/customs for currency.
* Modify the base to fit a character.

* Give the base to anyone.
* Sell the base itself.
All sales final. There are no refunds. :3
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