Mother and Daughter Short Haircuts

Stephanie Ann, who has brunette hair down to her butt, arrived for shouldar-length haircut. After posing and having so much fun posing for the cameras, playing with her hair, and having her mom help braid her hair, her mom decided to join in on the adventure and have her hair cut too. She, Sharon, has a seat in the chair to talk about her hair too. Afterwords, it's time for the haircuts to begin. Stephanie Ann is the first one in the vintage barber chair. Stephanie Ann is very animated and excited about her haircut. The stylist brushes out her hair, capes her with a blue cape and wraps her neck with a neck strip. Stephanie Ann giggles when she is spun around to the shampoo bowl, which the stylist uncovers by lifting up the lid. After a shampoo, her hair is combed out with a large detangling comb, and put into two long ponytails. "This is it, mom!" Holding the scissors, the stylist cuts off one ponytail, and the other one is cut off my her mom. Stephanie Ann's hair is selectioned and the hair cut again with the scissors. Shorn hair slides off the cape and onto the floor. (Although it's much more impressive during the mother's haircut!) Stephanie becomes extremely nervous once the stylist grabs the small clippers, even though the stylist assures her that he won't be shaving her head. Her smiles return only after the clippers are turned off. Scissors are again used as well as a razor. While her hair is blow dried, Stephanie Ann plays with her hair, loving the new style. Next we see Sharon take a seat in the barber chair. After clipping up her hair, the stylist ties a neck strip on her neck and covers her with a tiger print cape. Her silver, gray hair is dry cut with the Oster clippers, with a guard comb attachment. Her hair piles up on the floor, sometimes tickling her bare feet on the way down. When the stylist releases the top hair from the clips, it looks like her hair hasn't been touched by any cutting instrusments! Her hair is combed through and then cut with a razor. Only then is her hair wet with a spray bottle before being cut more with the razor. Twice fistfuls of hair are grabbed and hacked through with a razor. The razor, scissors, and the clippers continue through Sharon's hair shaping it up into an elegant pixie style. A small clippers is cleans up Sharon's nape and the pink duster removes all the fallen hairs. Sharon, too, loves her new look. Duration 119 minutes, screen size 720x480, format .wmv
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