Raise Water Awareness Keynote and PowerPoint Theme

Water is the planet earth’s life line. Issues surrounding cleanliness and accessibility are on the global (current and future) agenda. Get your point across with this presentation theme! Highly customizable, and unique, this theme resonates with viewers due to the Arial rounded and Helvetica font choice coupled with the light design visuals. 

Key Features:

  • 28 Slides

  • 6 Unique section breakds

  • Transparent Graphics

  • Super Customizable

  • Arial Rounded Font

  • Helvetica Font

  • Flat Design

  • Brilliant Color Scheme

  • Simple and Clean

  • Easy to Edit

Your audience will be amazed while viewing this highly professional keynote theme. The simplicity and modern look will warrant the attention of anyone! Thank you for considering “World’s Water Woes” for you next presentation!
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