Randy's Haircut, Perm Rod and Roller Sets - VOD Digital Video on Demand

Randy is starting a new job, so he stops by for a haircut at Carmen's Salon. Since he's not really sure what he wants, he give Carmen free-reign to do whatever she pleases. After cutting off 8" of long ponytail, Carmen leads Randy back for a shampoo. Afterwards, his hair is wrapped in pink and peach perm rods, and covered with a yellow hair net and his ears protected, he is then sat under the vintage Bonat chair hair dryer to bake for 31 minutes.

The perm rods are removed and his hair fluffed out. Since Randy didn't care for that hairstyle, Carmen suggests a roller set and comb out. His hair is rinsed and he is brought back to the chair to have his hair wrapped after his hair is trimmed with the scissors. Once again, his roller-covered head has a yellow hair net tied on and his ears protected, and he takes a seat under hair dryer to dry for 31 minutes. The dryer is so comfortable that Randy does nod off for a bit. Randy is draped with a white lacy comb-out cape, and his rollers are removed. With a ratting comb and hairspray, Carmen creates a beautiful updo with Randy's hair. Carmen offers to apply makeup on him, but he declines. He says that he still prefers something shorter, so after Carmen removes the hair pins, Kat attaches a #10 guard on the Oster clippers, and runs it through his fluffy hair. Hair quickly piles up in his lap and floor. The clippers snap off and Carmen talently uses the scissors to create a short hairstyle that Randy likes. Duration 3+ hours, screen size 640x480, .wmv format
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