XECO 212 Week 5 A New House – Risks and Benefits

XECO 212 Entire Course Link  https://uopcourses.com/category/xeco-212/ XECO 212 Week 5 A New House – Risks and Benefits The government and the fiscal policy it implements play a large role in the housing market. In this CheckPoint, you examine how government policy has consequences for you and the decision to buy a house. This helps you consider situations and alternative decisions in your final project. Assume for this CheckPoint that purchasing a new home is a major decision requiring a substantial financial outlay where the wrong decision has long-term financial consequences. Evaluate the health of the housing market for the next two years by researching forecasts for mortgage rates, housing starts, and housing prices. The following websites provide a starting place for your research:
Submit a 250- to 350-word response addressing the following questions:

  • Which government bodies influence national fiscal policies that potentially affect the housing market?

  • What are some national fiscal policies that can affect mortgage rates, housing starts, and housing prices? Be sure to provide specific examples.

  • What is your recommendation as to the risks and benefits of purchasing a home based on these considerations?

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