PSY 225 Week 3 Polling Exercise on Subjective Well-being

PSY 225 Week 3 Polling Exercise on Subjective Well-being

 PSY 225 Week 3 Polling Exercise on Subjective Well-being

 This assignment has several steps.  Make sure to read the whole assignment before you begin and that you complete all sections.

In this class we have learned that happiness is an important concept in positive psychology.  To research this common life experience, the term subjective well-being has been employed.  “Survey researchers followed the hedonic model of subjective well-being by defining happiness in terms of life satisfaction” (Baumgardner & Crothers, 2009, Ch. 5, p. 2) as related to demographic information.

For this assignment you will conduct your own mini-research study as follows:

1)      Poll at least 6 people including yourself by asking each to respond to the questions found in the chart (see worksheet) and then fill in the responses.  You may want to take notes on responses and then fill into the chart.  DO NOT rely on your memory.  It is important that you accurately record subject responses.  DO let the person know what these questions are for and ask for their assistance.  DO let them know that their responses will remain anonymous.

2)      Once the chart is complete, look for any similar responses or patterns.  Consider if those patterns support what you have read in the textbook.

3)      Complete the summary discussion questions at the end of this assignment (see worksheet). These questions focus on your understanding of the results.  This is an important step in completing research.

4)      Submit the worksheet as a Word document with completed chart of all subject responses and your discussion and summary responses.
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