Jam Session Survival PDF Book

Jam Session Survival PDF Book

The Jam Session Survival ebook is a collection of the chord progressions for the 100 most popular and often played bluegrass jam session tunes. Having this tucked in your case, flopped out on a chair beside you, or secretly studied at home, can be a great help for beginning players when you venture to join in a bluegrass jam session.

This is perfect for any beginning banjo, guitar, mandolin or bass player who is trying to "hang on" at a bluegrass jam session. These are "cheat sheets" that work!

One of my students and I researched dozens of local jam sessions and wrote down every tune they played and the keys they played them in. I later whittled the collection down to the 100 most common tunes. Then I wrote out the chord progressions (often in multiple keys) and added some esoteric notes about the tunes, little tricks and variations that sometimes pop up, and how to use a capo to get in the right key.

The PDF book also contains a chart so that you can convert all of the song progressions into ANY key. I also include notes on using a capo to change keys for the guitar and banjo players in the crowd.

The book also contains chord charts for guitar, mandolin and banjo which will be a handy reference when you can't remember how to form a chord. And, for you or your bass playing friends, I have included the tab/standard notation for bluegrass bass patterns for playing over every chord!

There is a lot of information packed into this book to help you have more fun at jam sessions.

Have fun picking! (It's a lot more fun when you know the chords to the songs!)

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Jam Session Survival PDF Book
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