Binary addition

Binary addition

You are going to implement a binary addition module in Javascript (as part of the exam). This will be a Linked List (a Stack works well for this) implementation with two functions addBit() and print(). AddBit will go to the last node in the list.

- If the value of that node is null or 0 - then it will flipped.

- If the value of the node is 1, it will be changed to 0, and the node before it will flipped.

- Flipping a Node;

  If the value is 0 or null, it becomes 1

  If the value is 1, it becomes 0 and the preceding node is flipped.

- If there is no preceding node (top of stack) - a node is pushed onto the stack with value 1.

The counter should give the following values each time a bit is added (you can go left to right or right to left);

1           1

0,1         1,0

1,1         1,1

0,0,1      1,0,0

1,0,1      1,0,1

0,1,1      1,1,0

1,1,1      1,1,1

0,0,0,1    1,0,0,0

Implement in Fiddle - you can use your own Stack code or use the stack functions built into the Javascript array. Paste the Fiddle code here and the URL.

The program should have a single button addBit and should output the contents of the Stack each time.


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