As an educator, you may have been asked to

As an educator, you may have been asked to

As an educator, you may have been asked to create a document that portrays your teaching philosophy. For this assignment, you will develop a document that portrays your leadership  philosophy. Include the following in your leadership philosophy:

Define some of the personal and professional experiences that you believe have helped shape your assumptions, values, and beliefs about leaders and leadership.

Classify your current thinking about leadership:

the assumptions and values you hold about leadership

past and current experiences – both personal and within organizations

Establish connections between the experiences you share and how those experiences have shaped your assumptions and values on leadership.

The leadership philosophy is designed to provide a view of you and your thinking.

Your interpretations should be open and candid while providing an understanding of your current knowledge and previous leadership experiences. The leadership philosophy document will provide a good foundation for later learning in the course.

Length: 2-3 pages

References: Include a minimum of 2 scholarly resources
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