GB580-Unit 1 Assignment,Strategic Management.DOCX

GB580-Unit 1 Assignment,Strategic Management

Individual Assignment

Brett Sullivan

Kaplan University

GB580:Strategic Management

Unit 1

Professor Christine Pence


Strategic Management for Brett Sullivan, Inc.

Introduction and Abstract

The purpose of this paper will be to evaluate the current strategic position of Brett Sullivan, Inc. its corporate mission, its values and how well the two are interrelated.  At that point we will analyze how well positioned Brett Sullivan, Inc. is positioned in the marketplace, both from an environmental scan of the marketplace and by performing a SWOT analysis of the situation.  For the purposes on Unit 1 of this exercise, this will complete the exercise; however, in Unit 2 of the exercise, we continue the analysis by working through the formulation of strategy and objectives, and then finish by developing tactical actions and metrics to advance the strategy.

Brett Sullivan, Inc. was established in the late 1980s, after Brett Sullivan completed his Bachelor of Science degree with a double major (Business A
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