ion UI kit - all in one UI kit for ionic

If you have any payment problem or cannot pay via paypal, please contact me: [email protected].com
This UI kit provides too many elements for your development. It contains social and e-commerce. With more than 30 screens, I hope it will help you a lot. Have a great app!
Download the zip file containing the entire demo app and unzip
Go inside the extracted folder
Run $ npm install
Run $ bower install
Try: $ ionic serve
The browser should automatically open the app
Change primary color by replace the color in line 18
// new color
$gray: #898D97;
$gray: #38464F;
$darkGray: #2A353B;
$borderColor: #CAC9CE;

Test before you buy
You can test the app using Ionic View (ID: ce41dbf1) (Please note that when testing on Ionic View some Cordova plugins will not work)
Download it here
If you need technical support or have any questions, please send me a message via: [email protected]
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