Brass ensemble: Pachelbel Canon- excerpt for a wedding procession.

Brass ensemble sheet music: arrangement of Pachelbel Canon in D - excerpt for a wedding procession. Pdf contains full score and all parts. It has 3 voices and a bass line and can be performed by just a quartet or by a larger brass ensemble, for a fuller sound. The pack contains parts written in both Bb and Eb for voices 2,3 & bass. Therefore you can conveniently allocate the voices to the instrumentation at your disposal. The full performance should last just over 2 minutes 15 seconds. Usually this is an ideal length of time for a bride's wedding procession. Convenient rehearsal marks have been placed on the score, so that easy cuts can be made to shorten the duration if necessary. It has been arranged for brass ensemble in the concert key of Bb i.e. it's in the comfortable key of C fo
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