Programming: Assignment 3

Assignments should be turned into oncourse as a .sql file. The name of the file should have the following format username_a2.sql. All queries should be written using tables from the Entertainment Agency example database from the book. If what should be returned for a query or conditions are unclear you should justify your query in comments. The standard header should be placed in comments at the top of the file and each query should be labeled with its number in comments. No aggregation functions are allowed.


1.     Entertainers who have worked for at least 2 of the same people.

2.     Customers with the same musical tastes.

3.     Customers which share no musical tastes.

4.     Pairs of agents who have acts which compete i.e. have done a gig in the same state

5.     The entertainer who has been paid the most for a gig.

6.     The female and male members with the highest paying gigs.
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