Rose Ray Annointing ~ Shekinah Dispensation on the phone session

Rose Ray Annointing ~ Shekinah Dispensation on the phone session

~Once i recieve your payment your will recieve a time and date for your over the phone session with suggesitons for your sessions and phone number to call at your appointment time [email protected] There is nothing to download this is for a phone session.

Rose Ray Annointing ~ Shekinah Dispensation
Divine Cellular Healing & Soul Activation In the 528 Hz Language of Light  Miracle Solfegio frequencies Live Vocal Transmissions

Activation of your Divine Original Blue Print  ~God Heart DNA
Infused by the powerful vortex energy at Sedona Cathedral Rock

Experience the Sacred Rose Ray Anointing that empowers your Soul's Destiny, Spiritual Gifts and Transmutes Blockages, and where you will receive messages from your highest spirit guide & angels.

Receive activation of your Holy BluePrint Codes downloaded from your Souls I am presence. In an Archangel Chamber of Light, you be anointed by the Sacred Rose Heart of the Divine Mother; {the Shekinah Dispensation that is the Divine Presence of the Feminine aspects of the Godhead}. You will hear and feel the angelic harmonic vocals directed by your Souls Core Essence in the Language of Light, which contains miraculous mystical healing powers of the divine that transmutes negative energies.
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