File IO _lab .RAR

File IO _lab

Create a new project in your Eclipse workspace named: Lab09 In the src folder, create a package named: edu.ilstu.it275.lab09. Import the input file, Collection.txt, into the root of your project. Problem You will be writing a program to read a list of Songs from a file and display them to the screen. Class diagram and main algorithm | Song | | :- | | - title: String - artist: String | | + Song(String title, String artist) + toString( ): String all getters and setters| main algorithm OPEN input file WHILE (not end of file) Read Song object data Create Song object PRINT Song object END WHILE CLOSE input file END MAIN Processing Instructions (write the code in this order) – use the comments in the program to help with placement. Create the new class called using the given class diagram. There is no default constructor, only the one sending in both title and artist. toString - define it so that it prints in the form: title by artist Create the new class called Open the file, read the input data from the file, create a Song object for each one, print the song object to the screen. When done, close the file. Remember to use a try/catch when attempting to open the file
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