HCS 483 Week 2 Technology Trends Proposal Part I

HCS 483 Week 2 Technology Trends Proposal Part I

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 HCS 483 Week 2 Technology Trends Proposal Part I

INCLUDE a Title Page and Reference Page with all assignments.

All sources used should be cited or mentioned in addition to being correctly formatted on the Reference Page.  ONLY sources that have been cited or mentioned should be included on Reference Page.


Imagine you work for a health care organization and have been asked to develop a proposal on how the organization might adopt a technology trend to improve the quality of the health care delivered to organization members.

Examples of technology trends:






Electronic health records




Video translation services


Dictation services (e.g., Dragon NaturallySpeaking)


Medical equipment


Optical imagery for diagnosing disease


Health care robots


Neural engineering


Intelligent mobile devices


National health care information network


A technology trend approved by your faculty


Select and research two technology trends from above.

Complete the attached table by explaining the trend’s use, the effect of the trend on the health care industry, the benefits of adapting the selected trend, and how the selected trend will improve the quality of health care delivered.  You should follow the word count requirement as stated in the columns.

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