Defensive Game and Practice Planning Packet

These are the documents I used as a Defensive Coordinator when we posted 6 shutouts in 10 games! This game and practice planning resource contains everything for defensive coordinators to prepare! This will help to get your practices more organized and your players more prepared to dominate on the field! 

1. Defensive Weekly Practice Plan and Scripts (Excel)
2. Blank Defensive Call Sheet- 2 Sided and Color (Excel)
3. Defensive In Game Record Sheet (Excel)
4. Defensive Depth Chart (Excel)
5. Defensive Workflow (Word)
6. Defensive Install Schedule (Excel)
7. Defensive Game Planning Worksheet (Word)
8. Defensive Wristband Template (Excel)
9. Defensive Scouting Report Template (Power Point)
10. Opponent Personnel Sheet (Excel)
11. Force and Pursuit Drill Diagram (Power Point)
12. Defensive Daily Drill Sheet (PDF)
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