Backup of Half Baked Final

Sonja we do pay more for entertainment these days. Movies especially it cost at least eight to ten dollars for a ticket. There are alternatives such as the dollar or two dollar movie that shows old movies. To see a recent movie you will pay and the food to go with it is even more expensive. Popcorn in a theatneer for a small is at least five dollars and a small drink three to me those prices are ridiculous. That is the price we must pay for those distributed DVD’s around the world in the home of many people. I purchased o yesterday the Peeples by Tyler Perry I have not watched it yet. I would rather buy a movie for five dollars and sit at home. My kids enjoy the movies so I let them go I prefer not to spend my money if not necessary.




Color is definitely important in a movie.  If the color is off it makes the movie less interesting especially if  it is a non linear type movie.  Color changes everything from mood to interest making it hard to distinguish characters and actions and easy if the cue is right.  Movies are still in demand and will continue to be in the future, whether bootleg or blue- ray people are watching.  Movies are a part of our everyday lives and are enjoyed as entertainment.
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