Severe Changes - Shampoo and Perm Rod Set - VOD Digital Video Download

The client, played by Jee Lee, visits Carmen's Creative Hairstyling Salon for a perm. She is caped and led to the shampoo bowl for a nice billowy lather, rinse, and leave-in conditioner. Once done, Jee takes a seat in the salon chair and her hair is first cut with a scissors and then set in vintage 1950's Toni perm rods. Just as Carmen hands Jee a towel to hold before she gets the perm solution ready, Jee notices her boyfriend, played by Landyn Banx, outside the salon's front window. She removes the cape and goes out to talk with him. Unfortunately, he hates curly hair and is furious that she would have her hair permed without telling him first. Upset, Jee goes back inside the shop.

Duration 80 minutes, screen size: 720x480, Format .wmv
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