Total Wrestling November 2014

In this month’s edition of Total Wrestling Magazine: – Diamond Dallas Page: “My goal is to be able to hit someone with the Diamond Cutter in my 70’s!” We talk with the wrestling icon and Yoga guru about being an inspiration to others. – Stone Cold Steve Austin, We investigate if a return for the rattlesnake at WrestleMania 31 would be a possibility. – Rockstar Spud chats to us about TNA Bootcamp 2 and how it changed his life by winning the inaugural series. – From Kayfabe to .com, we continue our look at how the internet has affected professional wrestling. – Finn Balor, we take a look at the newest star to grace NXT and wonder whether the former Prince Devitt can ascend to the top of WWE’s main roster. – Extreme Conditions, Total Wrestling investigates how the pro wrestling landscape would look today, had ECW survived. – Total Action Zone this month has exclusive photos from the excellent Border City Wrestling show, Excellence. Featuring Bret Hart, Scott Steiner and more! This month’s issue also includes Gail Kim’s column about British Bootcamp 2; and El Ligero talks about life on the road. All of this, plus our usual features, DVD and book reviews.
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