Custom Weapons

Custom Weapons

Custom Weapons
- PVP will never be the same again

Custom Weapons 5  new weapons, 3 new armor pieces, and a heavy armor set.

- VanillaEnchantments by TheAz928 (

- Galadhrim is a powerful bow created by the strongest Elves in Lorien. Its enchantments contain Infinity I, Power I, and Punch IV.
- Sword of a Thousand Truths is a diamond sword crafted by the strongest clan of 4LifeCraft :) it's enchantments contain Sharpness II, Bane of Arthropods III and Looting III
- Trainee's Sword is given to the lowest ranking Roman soldiers to fight in battle, it's enchantments contain Sharpness I and Knockback I
- Zeus' Axe, is a mythical axe crafted by the god of the sky. Its enchantments contain Smite IV, Unbreaking III, Sharpness V, Efficiency V, Bane of Arthropods V and Silk Touch I
- Mjolnir. The hammer of the Norse god of thunder Thor, it's powerful enchantments contain Sharpness 3, Smite 5, Bane of Arthropods 4, Efficiency 4 and Fortune 1

- The Condolent. A chest plate forged from a thousand souls; these souls were unable to save themselves, they will fight to protect you. It's enchantments contain Protection III, Blast Protection III, Projectile Protection III
- Turtle is a helmet created by alchemists with the properties of a turtle's nasal glands. Its enchantments contain Protection IV, Respiration III, Aqua Affinity I and Thorns III
-Hartex. These boots were forged by those trapped in hell to ward off evil spirts and survive the heat. Its enchantments contain Protection IV, Fire Protection III, Feather Falling IV and Thorns II

Heavy Armour Set:
 - Armour crafted with the hardest diamonds by giants. Its enchantments contain Protection, Fire Protection, Projectile Protection, Feather Falling, Blast Protection and Thorns. Beware, the weight of their armor will slow you down.

Crafting recipes can be found at (

Credits: Inspiration of Custom Weapons was from a small faction in 4LifeCraft Fac Blue Season 6, weapon recipes and names evolved to that of EliteWeapons for Bukkit. Crafting recipe images are from (

Note: Support for this plugin may no longer be available after MCBE 1.3 releases if any updates are released for this plugin they will be emailed to the account on the invoice. By purchasing this product you agree that you will not chargeback.
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