Intro to Programming in C Programming Assignment 2

Intro to Programming in C Programming Assignment 2

Assignment purpose: User defined functions, pointers, Menu driven program

A Company needs to create software for their new line of phone applications. Customers will have the opportunity to both deposit funds and purchase the Apps.  Deposits can be made using the following cash amounts: (1) - $20.00, (2) - $10.00, (3) - $5.00   (4) - $1.00

The applications available for purchase are:

P – Photo kit bundle                           $7.99

F – Family Board Games                   $2.99

W – Wheel of Fortune/ Jeopardy       $4.99

E – Endless learning bundle               $24.99

H – How to Cook Everything             $14.99

This program will have 2 levels of menus.  The top level will ask the user whether she wants to make a deposit, purchase an app, or leave the program.  This top level menu should continue to run as long the user does not ask to leave the application.  The next level will obviously depend on the selection made in the top menu.


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